Project Media has 15 years of experience as a Web Design Agency at your disposal

If you came to our site, you already know that an online presence perfectly aligned with the quality of your services / products is not a bonus, but a necessity. A professionally designed website must meet a number of essential requirements, and the Project Media team prides itself on exceeding the expectations of clients in its portfolio.

Website Structure Planning

Once we fully understand your needs and requirements, we prepare the structure of your future site.

UI/UX Design

We make sure that your website not only looks modern and attractive, but also offers an excellent user experience.

Content Strategy

The original content will be arranged on the site so as to ensure a pleasant browsing experience.

Graphic Design

Our team keeps up with the innovations in the field and implements professional illustrations for your services / products, which will lead the user to make purchases.

SEO Friendly

We make sure your site is SEO friendly to deliver on the complex campaigns we prepare later.

Social Media

In order to give customers confidence, your site will be connected to the social networks that represent your brand.

What are the Steps of a Web Design Project?



The first step in a web design project is to establish a development strategy from user profile to site structure



Page design is essential to getting a clean website,
SEO optimized and easy to navigate by users



Website development involves creating and implementing the necessary modules a smooth and optimal browsing experience



Once the project is completed, a period of 2 months of monitoring and adjustment of the elements that do not offer a cursive user experience follows.

What does a web design project involve?

A website is more than just a presentation of products / services. The most important aspect of developing a website is structuring the information so that the user gets a pleasant browsing experience. That's what we at ProjectMedia do. We offer browsing experiences and web design services that sell.

How much does a website cost?

Prices as you know differ depending on the complexity of each project. One important thing to keep in mind is what problem your site creates and what added value your website will bring to your business.

How do I know if my site is going to fix my problem online?

Together we will have a series of consultative sessions through which we try to determine which is the main problem that needs to be solved and which would be the ideal solution to solve the problem. The solution may not necessarily be a new website, just a better marketing strategy.

How do we know if a website is an investment or an expense?

If a website attracts customers and not just traffic, then it becomes a good investment to follow. We must first define who the target audience is. We guarantee that all our projects will be done with you on a professional level, and combined with your services / products to provide users with a pleasant experience on the site and all the information they need to facilitate the decision on a purchase. If a well-defined online presence is closely linked to quality services / products, customers will not miss to show up 🙂

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