Web Design La Plaja Nouă

Client description:

The client in question wants to promote an adventure park in Timiș, the business is a new one on the market in Timiș County, and the promotion will be done on several points. Thus, the adventure park will be promoted as the first place with Wakeboard installation in western Romania, as having a paintball field, children’s playground and beach volleyball court. The term family-friendly will be emphasized in the promotion campaign.

Services offered to the client:

We created the menu structure for the website and the structure for the page content. The site design has been transformed into a responsive one and the administration platform for WordPress has been implemented. There was a photo session, photo editing and graphic design, as well as communication on social media.

Project objectives:

The client wanted to create a website that would present all the activities that can be carried out within the La Plaja Nouă adventure park, highlighting the wakeboard and paintball sections. We also wanted to inform users that this adventure park is a family-friendly one and children can spend their time here.


The lack of experience in the online environment and the lack of a communication strategy have been serious obstacles in the way of promoting this website, they being overcome with the help of the experience of our team.

Project stake:

Aware of the importance of a well-established online presence, the client wanted to benefit from a strategic communication on social networks, before the official launch of the adventure park on May 25, 2019.


In the online field, an easy-to-navigate and very intuitive website has been developed, which presents all the activities that can be undertaken in the adventure park in question, and the fan base on social networks has grown to 3,000 people in just 4 months. Offline, over 10,000 people were present at the first location
season in which the adventure park was opened.

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Category: Case Studies
Author: ProjectMedia
Client: La Plaja Noua
Date: May 21, 2021